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Family Testimonial

"We are very thankful and grateful for Alpha House." 

-Former Alpha House Family

Volunteers are the heart and hands of Alpha House.  Each year over 2,000 volunteers from over 40 local congregations and community groups provide meals and supplies for the shelter and the families, engage with the children, and perform building maintenance. 

Work Days and Group Projects

Sometimes volunteers  come to Alpha House as a group and donate their time and energy together for a few hours .  Work groups can provide us with invaluable help organizing, cleaning, maintaining our grounds, painting;   they can also be very helpful with one-time projects.   


Donation Drives

Volunteers can touch the lives of our families in such a meaningful way by organizing donation drives.  Some  groups solicit donations from our wish list which includes items for use within the shelter, as well as items for a Blessing Baskets given when a family moves into their own home. 

Click here to see our wishlist.

Volunteering as a Family

We are happy to have families come together to volunteer at Alpha House!  It is a wonderful experience to cook a meal together and then come serve it to our residents, and join them in the dining room; it is truly fun as a family to come and join our children in the evening Activity Time.

If you are interested in any of the volunteer opportunities listed above, please contact Susan Mefford or Lavonda Jackson at or

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