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Mission & History

"Because of this program, I have hope, determination, optimism, and actual purpose to want to succeed. I needed this." 

-Former Alpha House Family

Family Testimonial

Our Mission: Supporting Homeless Families and their Children as they Build a Better Future.

Our Vision:  100% of the Families We Work With Become Stable.


More than providing just a bed and a roof for families, our goal is to support the families in securing and maintaining their own home.

The average age of a homeless child is seven.  Within a single year, 87% of homeless children move, often up to three times, meaning changes in school, teachers, and school work. It is not surprising that they fall behind academically and start to have emotional problems.  At Alpha House, we assure children have the support they need in shelter and during the transition back into permanent housing. 

IHN was established in 1992 to provide shelter and support to homeless and at-risk families.  We serve over forty families a year - up to six at a time - in our shelter, Alpha House, and an additional twenty to thirty families in our Home-Based Support program.  IHN provides intensive support services to address each family's individual needs and barriers to securing permanent housing.  Our Housing First program begins with assisting each family to identify goals and objectives to move toward housing stability.  The program goals for families are focused on increasing income and savings, increasing employment, and securing housing.  Families may also set their own individual goals outside of these program specific goals.  Our services efficiently and effectively provide stability and affordability for parents and children living in the shelter and guide them through a plan to secure and maintain stable housing.  

IHN is truly a community response to homelessness.  Each year over 2,500 volunteers from local congregations, community groups, and businesses support our shelter by cooking and serving meals, playing with the children, providing support and mentorship to the adults, and performing all the shelter maintenance (inside and outside).  Every volunteer reminds our families that they are not alone in their struggles. 

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