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Family Testimonial

"I've never shopped for my kids for Christmas before.  I'm so excited to give them a great holiday!" 

- Alpha House Mom




Here is how you can get involved!


Gift Cards for our Home-Based Families:


We like to provide gift cards for our home-based families because this is often their first holiday back in stable housing.  Gift cards give parents the opportunity to shop for their own children and celebrate the holidays in their own way. A place where families can buy food, clothing, gift items and gas is best.  For this reason, Meijer Gift Cards in increments of $25, $50, or $100 are ideal. Gift cards will be distributed to families by our staff and each family will receive a gift amount based on the size of their family that will allow parents to purchase gifts and food for a Holiday meal.  


Gifts & Gift Cards for our Shelter Families:


Each year, families continue to share that when given a choice, they’d much prefer to do their own shopping for their children.  This act alone adds much value to their stay with us. We honor their requests by asking for gift cards that will allow them to shop for themselves.  Meijer or Walmart gift cards are best since families can purchase food, clothing and gift items at one location. Meijer  Gift Cards in increments of $25, $50, or $100 are ideal.


Parents complete a “wish list” for each family member noting gift wants or suggestions for each person.  Wish Lists will be distributed among donors in the community on a first come, first serve basis. Availability of Wish Lists depends on the families that will be in shelter during the Holidays. If families get placed in more permanent housing between now and the holidays, their gifts and gift cards will go with them.  New families joining us will be added to our Holiday Wish list. Donors can request current families or also volunteer to be notified for any new families that get added later in the season.


Each person in the family will receive a gift(s) at/near $50 from their wish list as well as a family gift card based on the size of their family.  


Holiday Stockings for all children:


Holiday Stockings are provided for all of our children no matter whether home-based or shelter-based.  We provide stockings for every child aged 17 and younger. Stockings are a small gift but they can make a big difference during the holidays.  NOTE! We are asking for stocking stuffer items ONLY.  We have a large supply of same-size stockings on hand.  We ask that all items for one stocking be at/near $25.  

New Beginning Basket items for those in permanent housing:


New Beginning Baskets are provided to in-house families who are moving into their own homes throughout the year.  These baskets are given when families leave Alpha House and included essential household items like new dishes and glasses, new pots and pans, shower curtains, towels, bed linens, cleaning supplies and paper products.  These items are invaluable to a family settling into new housing.


If you are interested in participating, please let us know which effort you’d like to help with.

Contact:  Zach Crutchfield at or by calling 734.249.5014.

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